Made with AI watermark

Innovative Minds Collaborate to Develop a Unique Watermarking Concept


Polyonom “Faritamitai” Emerges as a Groundbreaking Creation in the World of Artificial Intelligence

Innovative Minds Collaborate to Develop a Unique Watermarking Concept

Scotland and Kos, 20th Feb 2024 – The world of artificial intelligence and creative expression has witnessed yet another breakthrough with the creation of the polyonom “faritamitai.” Developed by Craig Galloway of Webilaro and Chris Davis of Mimicalism, this extraordinary term combines the Esperanto word “farita” meaning “made” and the German word “mit” meaning “with,” along with the widely recognized initials for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The inception of “faritamitai” occurred during an informal discussion between Galloway and Davis on 18th February 2024. The duo explored the concept of efficiently marking works produced by or with artificial intelligence. They envisioned a future where watermarking could become not only voluntary but mandatory as well.

Made with AI watermark

In the endeavor to transform this vision into reality, Davis devised a groundbreaking design based on his existing “keflicon”. Standard image searches using Google, Yandex, and showed that this design was almost certainly unique and innovative.

Faritamitai, which initially existed as an AI-generated image, is not limited to a single language. Danish and Norwegian speakers can also utilize the variation “faritamedai,” whereas Dutch speakers can employ “faritametai.” This polyonom showcases the cross-cultural compatibility of the concept, establishing it as a remarkable addition to everyday language.

The creators of faritamitai emphasize its significance as a watermarking solution for works of art and other forms of digital media. By seamlessly blending the terms “made” and “with,” faritamitai stands as a beacon of authenticity and accountability in the world of AI.

As the artificial intelligence industry continues to expand and evolve, faritamitai provides a much-needed solution to the growing concerns surrounding the origin and authorship of AI-generated content. With its simple yet compelling design, this polyonom serves as a recognizable symbol of trust and integrity.

In the words of Craig Galloway, “We wanted to revolutionize the way we identify and attribute works created with artificial intelligence. Faritamitai accomplishes just that by providing an elegant and universally understandable solution.”

Chris Davis echoes this sentiment, stating, “The potential applications of faritamitai are immense. This innovative concept promises to transform the way we denote authorship of AI-generated content.”

Together, Galloway and Davis have paved the way for further advancements in AI watermarking, encouraging transparency and accountability in the digital landscape. With “faritamitai,” they have introduced a concept that embodies the principles of innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

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About the Companies:
Webilaro ( is a leading technology company specializing in AI-driven solutions for businesses and individuals. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Webilaro offers cutting-edge products and services to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Mimicalism ( was founded by Chris Davis as a showcase for forward thinking ideas and concepts.

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